måndag 1 juli 2013

Follow me on Instagram!

From now on you can follow me on Instagram at: instagram.com/uacrafts

On thursday I will once again take part in a crafts fair in Kungsbacka, close to where I live. It requires a lot of work so I decided this time I'll only take part in it one out of two days. Hopefully the weather will behave. It's been a lot of rainy days here lately and with most of my crafted items being made out of paper rain on thursday would mean I'd have to cancel. And that would be a shame since a have a lot of nice things lined up ready to be sold.

måndag 14 januari 2013

A little note

Just wanted to leave a little note saying I'm still crafting away. However I felt that this blog took too much of my time and energy, especially the photo part of it. I decided I wanted to use that time for crafting rather than anything else. Maybe I'll feel differently in the future. Right now though I'm content with the crafting in itself. I still do sell some of the things I make, although I decided it wasn't really worth the effort to market them. So nowadays it's mostly friends, family and aquaintances who'll enjoy my creations.