söndag 6 maj 2012

A different point of view

A pleasure to measure

One thing I rarely do is take on a challenge regarding my cards. Most of the times I start of with a paper or stamp that I know I want to use, and create the rest of the card out of that. On some rare occasions however I get inspired by a challenge, either that I find on-line or, as I did this time, in a card making magazine. The challenge that inspired me this time was called A different point of view (published in The stamper`s sampler), and meant using the same stamp in many different ways. I created three cards, two where I used the stamp as dresses (part of the original stamp) and one where I turned the dresses upside down and used it as flowers.

 Out of these three cards the Cinderella card took the longest to create. I made this card as the third in the row and knew from the beginning that I wanted it to be a Cinderella card, showing the used everyday dress as well as the transformed fancy ball dress. I had no idea how to portray this though so it took a lot of experimentation before I finally settled on a design. As far as the challenge goes I feel I'm missing one or maybe two cards, to show the diversity of the two stamps. Hopefully I'll have time to create the missing pieces some time soon.
Oh well... What is a royal ball?

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  1. Hejsan!
    Hoppas ni har en fin helg=) Elias har lunginflammation så det blir mycket stanna inne för oss. <tänkte tipsa dej om att gå med i gruppen Promarkers paradise på facebook. Massor med tjejer främst från england som delar med sig av scrappade kort=) superkul att bara bläddra bland bilderna och få inspiration!!! Stor kram